Lisa-Marie Fledderman

Lisa Marie Fledderman, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #70726
Doctoral Student (Psy.D)


Lisa Marie received her Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling at National University in 2011. Currently she is working on her Doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to further her career as a clinician. She is also preparing to test for her License as a Professional Clinical Counselor.

Lisa Marie has worked with individuals, children, families, and groups for the last two and a half years.  She has worked with severely emotionally disturbed children and families where one or both parents had issues with substance abuse or had been incarcerated.

In April 2013 Lisa Marie experienced the challenge of having a loved one with memory issues.  Her father went through and still experiences moments of dementia and memory problems.  Lisa Marie immediately went to work seeking out information in any article or publication she could get her hands on about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  This ignited a passion in her to gain a better understanding of the aging process and the elderly population’s neurological decline.

Lisa Marie is in the process of researching the use of social gaming as an alternative treatment for depression in the elderly.  It is her belief that social gaming offers seniors an opportunity to connect with others regardless of mobility or physical limitations.  Lisa Marie is also currently researching the applications of video games to socially connect and offer various methods of psychological therapies to those who may not otherwise seek out mental health therapies.  Lisa Marie would like to marry today’s gamer’s world with psychology to help bring the benefits of the virtual realities of gaming into real world situations.

Lisa Marie intends to seek a postdoctoral residency in either neuropsychology or geropsychology.