Karin Celosse

MS Psychology, MHW II
Doctoral Student (PsyD)


Karin received her BA in Psychology from California Baptist University in Riverside, CA and her MS in Psychology (Public Health/Health Psychology concentration) from Walden University in Baltimore, MD. Currently she is working on her PsyD in Applied Clinical Psychology through the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in order to further her career as a Clinician.

Karin actually came to her second Major (psychology) quite by accident. She was focused on preparing for a program that would allow her to become a special education teacher and as she needed to complete some electives, she took a psychology course and absolutely adored it. She decided to complete the additional courses required for the major at that time. Karin has a passion for working with populations that other people may prefer to turn their backs on. She is very much interested in pursuing applied research in the area of self-regulation (especially as it related to a persons “maladaptive behaviors” such as substance addiction, criminal activity and violent behavior).  Some of the questions she looks forward to exploring are whether or not different components of self-regulation have distinct developmental phases or critical windows of malleability? She also wishes to explore whether there are features of the self such as self-presentation, self-compassion, self-identity, gender identity, features of social context such as socioeconomic disadvantage, poverty, psychosocial stress and experiences of social interaction such as expectancy confirmation, attribution, persuasion, social exclusion that protect, reinforce, disrupt or undermine the basic behavioral and psychological mechanisms that support adaptive behavior.

Karin has worked with a varied population-all the way from within the Emergency Medical Services field, to the Criminal Justice system (juvenile), to the case management for the local Regional Center population, and now finally with Adult Mental Health Services-Recovery through the County Health Care Agency. Karin has also been an Introductory Psychology teacher at the college and university level for the past 3 years.