Anya Ostrovsky

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #IMF76939
Doctoral Student (PsyD)


Anna Ostrovsky has her MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, Intern # IMF76939
from Argosy University. At this time she is a Doctoral Student in Applied Clinical
Psychology at the Chicago School of Psychology, with her Undergrad in Psychology
from Binghamton State University, NY. Anna received her practicum hours, and will
be starting her internship, working at an inpatient unit at a hospital with patients
suffering from severe mental illness. She has also completed training and holds the
required certifications to practice Hypnosis.

Anna ultimately made the decision to enter the field of psychology at a young age
due to her own personal experiences and the repercussions mental illness has
had on who she is today. She has witnessed the consequences that war has on our
military, and the trauma that ensues upon return home, both on the personnel
and their families, which has helped her come to the definitive conclusion to get
involved. Anna gets a great deal of gratification and satisfaction knowing that
her involvement with the hospital helps at least minimally alleviate some of the
loneliness the patients feel, and hopes to continue working with that population.

Anna is capable of leading groups, counseling families, as well as being involved in
individual therapy.